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The truth is if you have a background in “sales” there is the possibility you can make money with what eMobile code is pitching to you. The bottom-line is you are selling mobile sites, but that is not disclosed in the sales pitch.

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There seems to be an endless supply of products on the internet that promise to offer a system that shows you how to become rich. Sales pages often hype the products but provide very few details on how they actually work. These products often use buzz words and take advantage of hot items currently on the market. One such product that is being advertised at the moment is the eMobile Code.

eMobile Code Product Description

The main sales page of eMobile Code contains a video with disclaimers at the bottom. The sales video cannot be fast forwarded. Therefore, the viewer is forced to either play or pause the video. Sales videos like this are popular among many informational products nowadays.

Like many other similar informational products being sold on the internet, the sales page of eMobile Code does not go into exact details on how the system works. The video simply mentions how much money can be made with the program. Different people are shown stating that they made a certain amount of money with the product. Then fancy cars, expensive yachts, and mansions are shown over and over again. It tends to get repetitive. Once again, all of this is very common among information products that promise riches.

Upon trying to exit the site, there will be a popup that gives you two options. One is “Leave Page” and the other is “Stay on Page.” If you click the latter, you will be shown another webpage that has two different packages for sale. The main package costs $49 and the second package, which does not include the bonuses, costs $19. Another package for $9 is shown if you keep clicking “Stay on Page.” Clicking it again takes you to a page with an email opt-in that promises you a free gift for signing up.

Basically, the system involves selling pre-made mobile-friendly websites to local businesses. All of the members have access to the exact same templates. There are also multiple up-sells and down-sells within the training area trying to sell you additional products.

Complaints About eMobile Code

There are numerous customer complaints about eMobile Code that are posted on various sites. Some of them even complain about not receiving the product at all after paying for it. Others complain about having a difficult time trying to receive a refund.

Many of the complaints also criticize the product on how it does not work as promised. This is not surprising as selling websites to local businesses is extremely competitive. If you do a simple online search for web design businesses in your area, it will most likely return several results. In other words, all of these businesses would be your competitors. However, the sales video of eMobile Code does not mention this and makes it appear that the entire process is so easy that it can be automated.

Other complaints have mentioned all the up-sells and down-sells in the training area. They say that the main goal of the product is simply to make more money from you after purchasing it. There are even complaints of broken links in the members’ area, which indicates that more effort was put into creating the sales video and sales funnel than the actual product itself.

Another red flag is that the members are all given the same mobile website templates. This would make it even more difficult to sell them to local businesses as many businesses want customized websites. Customizing these websites would require coding knowledge. You would also have to be familiar with how mobile sites work.

Final Analysis

In conclusion, eMobile Code seems to use a lot of buzz words and take advantage of how popular mobile products and mobile advertising is at the moment. Mobile marketing is the latest trend in the industry right now. They also make it seem as if selling mobile-friendly websites can easily be automated. This simply is not the case though.

If you do decide to purchase eMobile Code, be aware that you may not receive a refund as there have been several complaints about this. The product is being sold through ClickSure. Therefore, this company takes care of the billing. So if the vendor does not provide a refund upon request, try contacting ClickSure. Once again, there is no guarantee that you will be refunded.