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As with many of the products offered by Clicksure, this one too appears to be a bit “over the top”. Once again, big riches are claimed supposedly with little effort on your part.

The internet is full of products that claim to help you make enough money to quit your day job. Many of these products are informational products, also known as ebooks. This makes it easy for just about anyone to create the product as the development costs are very low. One such product is My Online Business, which will be discussed in further detail below.

My Online Business Product Description

At the top of the main site of My Online Business, it states that you can retire in the next 90 days. Basically, the product is meant for people who are interested in quitting their day jobs. Below the title is a sales video.

The sales video talks about how much money you can make with the system. It throws out several different numbers, with all of them being high enough for the average person to quit his or her job. There are several screenshots of accounts showing different amounts of money. Lavish cars and extravagant mansions are also shown throughout the video. There is also a disclaimer provided below the video.

Overall, the sales video is vague when it comes to explaining the actual system. This is fairly common among similar informational products. They tend to mention several times how much money you can make, but they do not explain exactly how.

When trying to exit the main site, there is a box that pops up. It gives you two options, which are “Leave Page” or “Stay on Page”. If you click “Stay on Page”, it takes you to a new page that makes a few bold claims. One of the claims basically says that the work will be done for you. Another one states that by following six simple steps, you can make up to $10,000.

The cost of the product is $49. It is not revealed until either the entire video is watched or you try to exit and move on to the next page, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Red Flags

There are several red flags which question the legitimacy of My Online Business. First, the sales video is filled with all kinds of buzz words but lacks any substance. Details regarding the system used to make money are withheld from the viewer. None of the claims in the video are backed up with references or any reliable sources. This tends to be common among info products that promise riches, which almost always end up with customer complaints about the system not working as promised.

The disclaimer at the bottom of the web page throws up a red flag for sure. It specifically states, “In some cases actors have been used to represent these persons.” In other words, they admit that there are testimonials being done by actors. So we have to take their word for it that these are legitimate testimonials and not simply written by the product creators. It seems like a good way to pay actors to read a script but still be covered by the disclaimer for legal reasons.

Another warning sign is the bold claims made on the next page. The first claims states that the work is done for you, while the second one says that you need to follow six steps. This is a blatant contradiction. It really brings into question the legitimacy of the system if they have obvious contradictions on one of their sales pages.

What is most alarming of all, there are several complaints online stating that My Online Business is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. They say that the system basically involves investing in the product and getting others to do the same. By definition, this would make it a pyramid scheme.

Final Analysis

In summary, My Online Business uses a lot of buzz words in the sales video but lacks any substance when it comes to explaining the product in detail. On top of that, there are complaints on various websites stating that it is a pyramid scheme.

While it does mention a 30 day money-back guarantee on their website, keep in mind that not all informational products back this up. So be cautious if considering purchasing the product. Even if you are not buying the product, be careful with giving away your email. Similar products are well-known for spamming emails with affiliate offers in an attempt to make extra money.