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The answer to that question probably depends on your goal. For those that actually received the product, they will probably find some tips and suggestions that can help them lose weight. The problem is that the claims being made are so over the top that it’s almost impossible for the average person to achieve them.

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With all of the weight loss products around promising to be the perfect solution, it’s difficult to know what is legitimate and what’s not. These products range from strange-looking gadgets to informational products, also known as ebooks. Many of these products promise results with little effort required.

This obviously interests those who have limited time to exercise or those who do not like exercising. However, calories have to be reduced one way or another in order to lose weight. Below is a description and review of Old School New Body, which is one of the informational products stating that you can transform your body in a short amount of time.

Old School New Body Product Description

Old School New Body is meant for people over the age of 35. The main guide comes in the form of an ebook. While the guide concentrates on weight loss, other topics are discussed as well. Some of these include anti-aging and building muscle.

When loading the website for Old School New Body, you are directed to 5 steps. These 5 steps are supposed to make you look 10 years younger. They include forgetting about low-fat diets, not participating in endurance training, no longer blaming everything on your age, avoiding chronic dehydration, and working out less.

After clicking through the 5 steps, you are then taken to the main sales page. At the top of the sales page, it states that breakthrough research has proven the process. However, there are no references provided for the research. It also says your body can be transformed and the aging process slowed with just 90 minutes of work a week.

The rest of the sales page builds up the product and makes more claims. Again, no references are provided for the claims. The system consists of three phases, which are the lean phase, the shape phase, and the build phase. It says that not every phase is required depending on your goals. In fact, it notes that the third phase is meant more for males wanting to build muscle.

At the bottom, it mentions several bonuses that come with the purchase of the product. Pictures of book covers are shown even though the products are simple PDF documents. This is common among informational product sellers. Below this the product price is listed at $20 along with “Buy Now” buttons.

Review Of Old School New Body

The five steps provided when you first enter the main site of Old School New Body do not provide references. This is rather alarming since some of the steps are controversial. Additionally, there are a lot of scientific studies regarding weight loss that are available nowadays. In fact, many weight loss sites now use citations for any significant claims in order to be viewed as a reliable source. There are also no references for the claims made on their main sales page.

Not surprisingly, the product ebook does not include citations for the claims made either. In other words, you just have to take the author’s word for it. Again, this is inexcusable with all of the scientific publications on weight loss and other related subjects in the ebook.

Another alarming sign is the product being advertised on Amazon for free. However, it is actually not the full ebook. The product on Amazon is basically an advertisement promoting Old School New Body. This is very misleading. As a result, there are multiple negative reviews and the overall rating at the moment is 1.4 out of 5 stars.

If the creators of the product are willing to use misleading advertisements, how can you trust the reliability of the actual product? Combine this with the lack of citations backing controversial claims, and it makes it even more difficult.

Another thing to look out for is over-the-top reviews posted on various websites on the internet. Many times these sites are specifically created to receive affiliate commissions when someone clicks a link on their site and purchases the product. These are notorious for providing dishonest reviews.

Final Analysis

Given all of the scientific research available covering weight loss and muscle building, there is no excuse for a weight loss system to not use references to back the claims. This makes you wonder if the creators of Old School New Body have conducted any research in the first place to support their product.

Being sold through ClickBank, there is a 60 day money-back guarantee that comes with the product. ClickBank is known for honoring refunds given a reason. So if you do decide to buy Old School New Body, there is a good chance you will be able to receive a refund if requested.