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The problem with pro binary robot is that they are using the old school sales tactic of “blind copy” to sell the product. They are selling you on the “dream” and not the actual product. Buyer beware!

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The Professional Binary Robot is automated software that trades binary options. Several programs have popped up on the internet that trade binary options, and, not surprisingly, all claim to be very profitable. In order to get a better idea of the software, you must first understand the basics of binary options.

Binary options are options where the payoff has only two potential outcomes. The two outcomes are either receiving a fixed monetary amount or losing the initial investment. This differs from regular financial options where there is a continuous payoff or loss. Another difference from ordinary options is that the potential return is known prior to buying the binary option. Binary options can be traded by buying either a call or put option.

The call option pays if the stock is above a certain value (noted at the time of purchase) when it reaches maturity. If it is below the specific value, the amount the option was purchased at is lost. On the other hand, the put option pays if the stock is below a certain value when it reaches maturity.

As you can see, binary options are less complex than ordinary options. Due to their simplicity, it is no wonder why several automated programs have been created. Whether these programs are effective or not is another question. So let’s explore the Professional Binary Robot in further detail.

Professional Binary Robot Product Description

The product website for the Professional Binary Robot does not provide in-depth information on how the software exactly works. It simply states that it is an automated “super bot” that trades binary options for profit. There is a video that shows the control panel of the software, but it still does not explain the method that is used for trading binary options.

On the main webpage, it mentions Professor George S. several times. It says that he has over 35 years of experience in the stock market. At the top of the page, it states that he has “combined the best strategies” within the software. Once again, there is no mention of the method that the program uses to trade the options. Also, the text at the top of the page specifically states that the software is capable of turning “$250 deposits into $34,714” on autopilot.

According to the website, the software is free. All you have to do is enter your email to download it. However, the software is actually not provided until after you sign up at their recommended broker and deposit money.

Further down the page there are some testimonials. The testimonials do not specify the exact process used by the software either. In addition, the majority of them only include first names or first names with initials for the last name. No detailed information is provided about the people who are leaving the testimonials.

Warning Signs

There are several red flags that make you question the authenticity of the Professional Binary Robot. First and foremost, it does not even mention the last name of George S. All it gives is the initial for his last name. It seems that someone as confident in the product as George S. would be proud to back the software and provide his full name. Wouldn’t you agree?

Another warning sign is the testimonials section. Just about all of them provide only their first name or use initials. Also, no details are provided explaining their backgrounds or credentials. How are we supposed to know if they are experienced at trading binary options or not?

The comments at the bottom of the page also raise a red flag. Only first names are used. There are also no aliases being utilized, which you see in most comment sections. Even more alarming, nearly all of the comments praise the product and many are over-the-top.

Last but not least, you have to use their recommended broker in order to receive the Professional Binary Robot. You will receive the software only after depositing money at this specific broker. This is not a well-known broker. As a result, there is a strong possibility that the developers of the software have ties with this broker in order to make money from the product. In fact, it may be the brokerage itself.

Final Analysis

Due to warning signs mentioned above, you should proceed with caution if wanting to use the Professional Binary Robot. Keep in mind that there are brokers out there who will scam people and take their money without batting an eye.